Alternative Forms Of Media For Your Marketing Strategy

Alternative Forms Of Media For Your Marketing Strategy

Managing Partner at BLND Public Relations.

The changing media landscape of today has an expansive list of options for brands looking to spice up their marketing and PR strategies. There are so many more platforms available than just Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when it comes to your social media or communications plan.

Here are some of the platforms lesser utilized by brands, yet extremely popular with consumers.


Twitch is a livestreaming platform where creators broadcast their content to thousands, sometimes millions, of viewers in real time. Though most commonly associated with video game streaming, Twitch is now becoming a space for just about any industry.

In addition to traditional paid ads, Twitch offers influencer partnership opportunities just like other platforms. Twitch creators are known for having loyal followers, and can be more powerful than your average Instagram influencer. With tailored video content and a more authentic touch, Twitch may be the perfect space to reach a different audience and set your brand apart from the saturated sea of Instagram recommendations.


YouTube is not new by any means, but perhaps it’s a platform you haven’t considered in your company’s PR plan. In addition to offering tons of paid advertising options, YouTube is also a place to tell longer stories or tutorials about your product.

Additionally, as all of the platforms evolve and compete with each other, we continue to see changes in each one. YouTube is no exception—they’ve recently released the Shorts option, which can be compared to Reels on Instagram. This offers brands a chance to stretch content across platforms and reach even more viewers by uploading your short video content to both platforms. If you’ve shrugged off YouTube for your company before, it may be time to give it a second look.


This new app exploded in usage this year due to its fresh take on posting unfiltered, real-time photos. Every day, users are asked to “be real” and post a picture that includes their front and back camera of exactly what they are doing at that moment. The notification to post gets pushed out to all users simultaneously and comes at varying times. Users have no way of knowing when the notification will come and only have two minutes to post.

Currently, companies don’t have BeReal accounts and there are no advertising options. However, the popularity of this platform is reason enough to keep a pulse on its updates.

Smart brands and agencies will pay attention to BeReal so they can be the first ones to know of any opportunities in the future, advertising or otherwise. Just as other platforms have evolved into a place that businesses can leverage, BeReal has the potential to offer that one day as well.


Pinterest is back! Well, it never really went anywhere, but there was a period of time where it decreased in popularity as other platforms (like TikTok) rose through the ranks.

However, even though TikTok and Instagram are also places to find recipes, nail inspiration and craft ideas, we’re seeing a revival of audiences flocking back to check on their Pinterest boards. Could your brand benefit from curating public boards, creating pins of your products, or simply leveraging the ad space? These are good discussion topics to bring up with your marketing team or PR agency.


Just like any other feed-based platform, LinkedIn news feeds are filled with high-performing posts by content creators and influencers. These posts include thought-provoking, sometimes even controversial, content.

More and more executives and entrepreneurs are becoming “LinkedIn influencers” in the thought leadership realm. If you are a business owner, president or another decision-maker at a company, LinkedIn is a great place to post blogs or start discussions around any unique policies and strategies you may have. This activity can bring a unique type of brand awareness that may be even more valuable than traditional social media or advertising efforts.


Many companies think Snapchat is obsolete, but the platform remains popular with approximately 332 million daily active users. The platform continues to evolve and stay relevant with audiences over the many years that it’s been around. Today, their Discover page offers a chance for users to stumble upon your company’s account or view your paid advertisement.

Utilize the Snapchat Stories feature to show an authentic behind-the-scenes look (which consumers love), promote events or sales and other content that can create a trust-building bond with viewers. Additionally, consider creating selfie filters to increase brand awareness in a fun, fresh way.


Chances are you know what the TikTok platform is but have probably thought of it as a place for young audiences with little money to spend. I’m here to challenge that notion. Statistics show that Gen Z has reached an estimated $360 billion in spending power. That means that platforms like TikTok aren’t just full of kids anymore, they’re actually full of kids who have grown into young adults—with money. These TikTok adults are ready to spend that money on the brands smart enough to get in front of them.

The paid advertising options on TikTok allow you to select a goal for each ad—whether it be views, website visits or follows. If you’ve been turning your nose up at the idea of a younger generation’s app like TikTok, it’s time to rethink that decision.

In summary, platforms change almost every day within the evolving media landscape. Build a team of experts—outsource if needed—and help your business keep up with the times by targeting new audiences in fresh ways. Failing to plan for your company to stay relevant—in a digital world like this—is planning to fail.

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