Is Accountable AI a Know-how Problem or a Small business Concern?

Artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT in certain, has exploded globally. And so has the probable for misuse or abuse of AI, which provides a risk that have to be taken significantly. Having said that, AI also provides a variety of potential benefits for modern society and persons alike. Brad Fisher, CEO of Lumenova AI, clarifies how and why the application of accountable AI is equally a know-how discussion and a business enterprise conundrum.

AI is a very hot topic, thanks to ChatGPT. Individuals and corporations have begun to take into consideration its myriad use conditions enthusiastically, but there is also an undercurrent of worry for the achievable hazards and limits. With this rush towards implementation, Accountable AI (RAI) has come to the forefront, and providers are questioning whether it is a engineering or a business enterprise subject. I assume it is both. 

In accordance to an MIT Sloan white paper posted in September 2022, the globe is at a time when AI failures are beginning to multiply, and the 1st AI-associated polices are coming on line. The report statesOpens a new window