Timo’s Personal Financial Management Solution Package is recognized in VET’s Top 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 for Banking – Insurance

HANOI, Vietnam, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vietnam Economic Times hosted a celebration for the Top 100 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 Awards on 7th December 2022 in Hanoi. The event attracted the participation of many large and reputable enterprises of nine sectors in Vietnam, including Banking, Insurance, Securities; E-Commerce, Retail; Fintech, Digital Products, Education, and more. Timo is proudly featured in the TOP 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 for Banking – Insurance – Securities with the “Personal Financial Management Solution Package.”

In the past few years, the digital banking market in Vietnam has had a striking take up by consumers with impressive development speed, primarily motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As consumers eventually become familiar with online payment methods, the digital banking market is getting more exciting and fiercer, and many new players, even traditional banks, have begun to participate in the “digitalizing race.” Competitive pressure has emphasized the importance of building customer trust and confidence in digital financial services.

With 7 years of operating in Vietnam as the first and pioneering digital bank, Timo acknowledges that “Trust” is the most significant barrier for all players in this market. And by becoming an effective financial partner that always puts the customers at the heart of development, Timo has set itself apart from the digital banking landscape. The satisfaction and trust of the customer are the foundation for long-term loyalty to Timo.

Based on that, the “Personal Financial Management Solution Package” includes MoneyPot, Goal Save, Term Deposit, Split Bills, and Expense Statements. With these features, customers can easily keep track of their spending habits, manage payment channels, manage all transactions, and adjust expenses to secure financial stability. As the “Personal Financial Management Solution Package” is widely trusted and used by many customers, Timo is honored to feature in the Top 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 for Banking – Insurance – Securities.

Ms. Thu Tran – Timo Digital Bank Vice President of PR & Communications at the Top 100 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 Award – Source: Timo.

Ms. Thu Tran – Vice President of PR & Communications at Timo Digital Bank, shared: “It is genuinely an honor for Timo to be recognized in the Top 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 of Banking – Insurance – Securities along with many prestige enterprises. This Award will motivate Timo to constantly develop innovative products and services, be a reliable tool for customers’ financial journey, and continue pursuing our mission of setting benchmarks for modern banking.

We are proud to be the first and pioneering digital bank to develop many creative innovations to give customers ground-breaking experiences. Thus, a competitive and prominent market will enhance many companies’ efforts in developing new products and services to fulfil customers’ expectations and requirements, offering them more solutions to best solve their problems.”

About Timo

Established in 2015, Timo was Vietnam’s first and pioneering digital banking platform. Since then, Timo has aspired to set the benchmark for modern banking in Vietnam and beyond.

During seven years of operations, Timo’s efforts have been recognized across multiple fronts, including being named The Best and Fastest Growing Digital Bank inside and outside of Vietnam for many consecutive years, awarded by many reputable organizations like Asia Money, The Global Economics. In 2021, Timo was named “Best Customer-Centric Digital Bank in Vietnam” by Global Brands Magazine and also recognized as HR Asia’s “Best Companies to work for in Asia 2021″. Timo has further achieved “Gold Quality Service for Consumers benefit 2022”, as well as being a part of the Top 50 FDI Enterprises in Vietnam in the category of “Leading Digital Banking Platform in Vietnam” in 2021 and “Pioneering social banking and sustainable growth” in 2022 by Golden Dragon Award.


SOURCE Timo Digital Bank